Funny Balloon Sculptures by Masayoshi Matsumoto

These animal balloon sculptures are so realistic it’s freaking us out. If you were to stumble across the designs, which include a lizard, buffalo and octopus, you may actually think they’re alive. The talented artist behind the animals is Masayoshi Matsumoto, who lives in Chiba, Japan.

‘I started making these seven years ago, I was really inspired by wildlife pictures and wanted to see if I could create realistic animals of my own,’ the 26-year-old said. The self-taught artist makes the animals from different coloured balloons without the use of any glue or seals which some balloon artists use to help build their projects.

But they do take him a while to complete. Each one takes a minimum of two hours to bring to life with more complex projects lasting six hours. Despite this effort Masayoshi doesn’t sell his works or offer his services at events. He simply pops the balloons after he has posted the designs online. (Via Metro)





















Masayoshi Matsumoto on Twitter and Tumblr