New Banksy Pieces March 2018

Banksy has emerged on the streets of New York, creating new artworks, tally marks form prison bars, symbolically counting the days of imprisonment for artist Zehra Doğan. The Turkish painter is currently serving a nearly three year prison sentence for the creation of a single painting. The mural is a collaboration between Banksy and street artist Borf.

Doğan, who also worked as a reporter for the now defunct Dicle news agency, created the painting in 2016 which depicts operations carried out by Turkish security forces against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). The artwork, derived from a photograph, shows buildings reduced to rubble, plumes of smoke, and gathered military trucks, all part of a multi-year effort in Turkey’s southeastern towns and cities to clear out PKK militants.

The aspect that the Mardin 2nd High Criminal Court deemed a crime are the Turkish flags that Doğan included, draped over the facades of some of the standing buildings, elements that also appear in the original photo.

As a result of her artistic rendering of the destruction in Mardin province Doğan may the only person in the world imprisoned for the act of painting. In Instagram posts about his depiction of Doğan’s sentencing, Banksy is encouraging people to repost her work and tag Turkey’s president, who is also active on Instagram. (Via Colossal)


Zehra Doğan’s painting


The photograph that Doğan’s painting is based on


A painting of a rat running in a 14th Street clock face as if in a hamster wheel is believed to be Banksy’s first work in New York since 2013


Another Banksy mural in Midwood depicts a seal balancing a balloon on its nose


New Banksy In NYC


One of the new Banksy murals in Midwood, Brooklyn

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