Paul Smith | Typewriter Artist with Cerebral Palsy

Paul Smith – Typewriter Artist
Born in 1921 during a time when people with Cerebral Palsy received little support and garnered little attention from the community, Paul Smith lived a full life painting intricate pictures with what, at the time, was a common office machine – the manual typewriter.

It’s been six years on June 25 since the world lost Paul Smith at the age of 85, but not before several generations had an opportunity to admire his distinct and intricate gallery of art. His legacy continues.

Known worldwide as the “Typewriter Artist,” Paul Smith’s story spans eight decades, seven in which he created typewriter art. Having a severe case of spastic Cerebral Palsy that affected his speech, his mobility, and his fine motor coordination, Paul’s life began when opportunities were limited.

In his time, Paul was not entitled to a mainstream education – he was not taught to read or write. Physicians were still recommending that children with his form of Cerebral Palsy be institutionalized. And, medical care wasn’t as progressive.

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