Stained Glass Iron Man by Art Brothers

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For those who appreciate and follow the adventures of the super heroes;

Art Brothers have created a unique, hand crafted stained glass picture of “Iron Man”

A sketch based on Marvel comics “Iron Man” super hero character was created by a graphic designer, this was then realised by a skilled master vitrazhistom as a unique stained glass picture in the “Tiffany technique”

The brief was to create a stained glass picture portraying the character of the hero, his presence of force, courage and a certain brutality with an element of humanity, all realised by the action of light transmission of the glass.

The picture took 4 months of painstaking work to create, from 452 individual pieces of highest quality “Spectrum glass” and specialist foils.

Owing to the large number of elements in construction, it comes into the category of an especially difficult work of art.

The frame of the picture is in keeping with the character and construction by using welded stainless steel, complimenting the solder joints of the glass segments.

This “Iron Man” picture can be supplied with LED back lighting to make it an extremely attractive display piece to grace any environment.





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