Weapons Made out of Corporate Logos by Tom Galle

Internet Artist & Digital Creative based in NYC. I work around the themes of Internet Cultures, Meme Art, Technology and new media. I’m available for hire for Concept, Art / Creative Direction and Technology Development for digital projects or campaigns. I worked on a variety of professional and personal projects for agencies, tech startups and artists all over the world. Full CV available on demand.

Whether we like it or not, there are some corporate logos so ubiquitous that they creep into our subconscious. In his latest series, artist Tom Galle, known for his clever work that blurs lines between brands and people, takes famous brand emblems and fashions them into weapons.

Galle transforms the Facebook emblem into a crowbar, McDonald’s golden arches into a brass knuckleduster, and Nike’s iconic swoosh into a razor-sharp blade.

The NYC based internet artist and digital creative is also the brains behind the Netflix and Chill Airbnb, which he created back in January 2016. (Via Highsnobiety)

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