Unlikely but not Impossible by Giuseppe Colarusso

These objects are so wonderfully annoying in their uselessness that you stand before them, making them functional – “If you only hit with the side of the bat, you’d miss the hole; perhaps you could smack the dough rather than roll it,” but in truth it’s just not going to happen.

Giuseppe Colarusso’s series Improbability tests our handle on frustration offering everyday objects made almost useless. He makes rope-handled cutlery, rectangular rolling pins, one eyed sunglasses or a sink with no plug-hole look so clean, so beautiful, so convincingly real that they just should work. And matched with tag lines such as “Unlikely…but not impossible,” Colarusso winds you up that little bit more, making it seem reasonable to learn the entire hieroglyphic alphabet just so you can use his keyboard and prove the impossible wrong.























Giuseppe Colarusso’s Website

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