Paintings of an Emotional Jolly Fella by Baldur Helgason

Baldur Helgason is an Iceland-born artist who lives and works in Chicago, where he had a solo show with the Galerie F not long ago. Exhibition Spiritual Paintings for Emotional People is on Richard Heller Gallery // April 04, 2020 – May 09, 2020.

Baldur Helgason | Through his work, Helgason experiments with the human figure, playfully exaggerating features and toying with the representation of human emotions. While playful and humorous on the surface, these images actually portray anxiety, loneliness and melancholy, all presented through the life of a comic character. Big-eyed, big-nosed and with impossible limbs, this jolly fella looks like he walked out of a classic cartoon, yet is regularly smoking, drinking and getting involved in some sort of mischief. (Juxtapoz)

Baldur Helgason’s Website and Instagram | More Paintings on Art Ctrl Del

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