I Should Know by Nate Frizzell

Nate Frizzell | Who we are at work. How we act around friends and family. The way we speak to others. We are all of these and none of these, a revolving collection of faces. Of masks.
These meditations inform the work of Nate Frizzell. Lovingly rendered through bold colors and powerful compositions, his stirring narratives pay tribute to primal emotions of the wild at heart. Juxtaposing man and beast, nature and urban landscapes, Nate’s subjects convey the quest for identity, the fire of innermost desires, and the unbridled passion of youth. They often portray faces hidden but emotions nakedly exposed.
A graduate of Los Angeles’ Otis College of Art and Design, Nate has drawn international acclaim for his work, showcasing in London, Spain, Philippines, and across the US in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and at Miami for the annual Art Basel festival. Since 2009 he has held five solo shows.
He currently lives and works in Los Angeles.

Nate Frizzell’s Website and Instagram | More paintings on Art Ctrl Del

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