Stunning Surreal Works by Aykut Aydoğdu

I first saw Aykut Aydogdu’s images on Facebook and I was just amazed by his works. I think I felt attracted by his mysterious portrays, with a nice touch of surrealism. He’s a graphic designer and artist based in Istanbul, perfectly creating surreal and conceptual illustrations. What’s so fascinating about him is that he uses only digital painting with a tablet in Adobe Photoshop in order to capture the complexity of the human soul. Aykut creates homages to famous television skows like Breaking Bad or cult movies such as Fight Club and Lèon.

It’s just so amazing how he uses so many details like flowers, animals or cosmic elements that cross the border of a surreal dreamworld and reality. As hauntingly and striking the images may seem, this poetic world he created will lead you into a magnificent state of mind. He frequently adds illustrations to his collection, so it’s just about the time to follow his work. (Via Cultartes)

Aykut Aydoğdu on Instagram,  Behance and Facebook

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