Street Art by Etam Cru

Etam Cru is the name of two collaborating Street artists, called Bezt and Sainer from Poland. The duet unites their powers to create glorious murals on side building walls throughout Poland. A collection of colourfull surealistic murals that impress even the most scepticals.

Born in 1988 in ¸ódê, Poland.  A graduate of Academy of Fine Arts in ¸ódê. A freelancer balancing between murals, canvases and graphic designs and focusing mainly on illustrations and portraits. By portraying real objects and figures in untypical contexts, he invites the viewer to the world of imagination where the meanings are not strictly defined. The viewer is encouraged to walk into Sainer’s surreal story and continue it in his own, individual way. You can see his works on the streets of different countries like: Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republik, France, Germany,Norway,Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine, USA and of course Poland.

BEZT (Mateusz Gapski)
Born in 1987 in Turek Poland. He started doing graffiti around 1999/2000 year then after few years he form a group called Etam. From 2008/2009 connected with mural art continues to paint large murals till today. You can see his work all around the world. He is connecting oil and acrylic painting with painting murals, illustration and graffiti.



Etam Cru’s Website

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