Thought-Provoking Installations by Octavi Serra

Octavi Serra‘s shots have a well-defined objective, to shed light on the problems and contradictions of our lives. With irony and optical illusions, the Barcelona-based photographer deals with the themes of surveillance, greed, corruption, destruction of the environment, technology, consumerism, and selfishness.

So the symbol of Nike attracts us like a delicious donut, or a clock that instead of the hours has the writing work critics our obsessive dedication to work twenty-four hours a day.

Octavi’s camera sheds light on all aspects of our society that we didn’t choose but that was imposed on us in some way. To avoid the risk of becoming automatons, the artist believes that we should strive to change this world as much as possible.

Simplicity and few elements are the distinctive features of his photographs taken outdoors and indoors. Thanks to these characteristics the message is always unequivocal, always coming straight to the point. (Via

Octavi Serra on Instagram

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