Stunning Sculptures by Michael Alm

Michael Alm

Michael Alm is a Seattle based mixed media sculptor. His lifelike and intricate animal anatomy studies address wildness, native nature, and the dynamics of animal movement. Each sculpture is imbued with his passion for wildlife and anatomy. As much as Alm’s work is about animal physiology it is also about the presentation of the specimen itself. His sculptures take cues from scientific models, and taxidermy dioramas, and extrapolate what makes the forms dynamic, interesting, and informative. Wood shavings, veneers, and carved elements, are used as surrogates for the fur, sinew and bone. In much the same way naturalists find ways to preserve and reanimate specimens, Alm uses the tools at his disposal to find methods that effectively represent these creatures and create a sense of wonder around them.

Inspired by biology, natural history, and exploration,Michael Alm spends much of his time researching animal anatomy, and reading biographies of the naturalists who have expanded this field. His work is deeply inspired by his time spent studying in the mammals collection at the Burke Museum in Seattle, Washington.

Michael Alm’s website, Instagram and Youtube

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