The Art of Brock Davis

It began with a banana. In an effort to entertain his two children at breakfast one day, the graphic-designer and photographer Brock Davis put the brain that has carried him through 17 years of creative thinking in the advertising industry into gear, and fashioned a section of the peel into a hat for the banana to wear. Cue delighted children – and a delightful new project for the man from Minneapolis to play with.

He has since refashioned a whole host of foodstuffs into whimsical sculptures, including, as seen here, a cucumber killer whale, a Gummi bearskin rug and, impressively, a painstaking recreation of Stonehenge using Rice Krispies and just a touch of glue. “I looked at a few dramatic aerial photos and spent 90 minutes getting the lighting right for the shadows on the model,” explains Davis.

Other mini masterpieces built by the American include a broccoli house – the “house” being made of balsa wood (I wasn’t able to build my son a treehouse, so I built him this instead”) – historic explosions in cauliflower and an exhibitionist coffee cup.

And why do it? “Any object that begins to appear mundane is a good time to start re-imagining it,” he muses. “I’ll always encourage playing with food.” (Via The Independent)









































Brock Davis on Instagram and Behance