Surreal Photography by Yung Cheng Lin AKA 3cm

Twisted bodies, obscured expressions and painful juxtapositons – Yung Cheng Lin’s photos are instantly provocative. The Taiwanese photography and art director, also known as 3cm, uses his ethereal imagery to deconstruct contemporary femininity. From menstruation to child birth and the dangerous pursuit of beauty – Lin’s women are master contortionists in their attempts to deal with the pressures and pain placed on them by society.

Bringing the surreal to everyday life, Lin sees his photography as a form of poetry , deliberately keeping the identity of his subjects a mystery. “The absence of facial expressions in the photos is a method to help the audience put their own emotion into the photographs, and let their imagination lead the way’”. (Via Hungertv)






























Yung Cheng Lin on Instagram, Facebook and Her Flickr

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