Hans Eijkelboom – People of the Twenty-First Century

Hans Eijkelboom | This genius photo experiment shows we are all just sheeple in the consumer matrix. Images from the same exact spot for two hours at a time.

Photographer Hans Eijkelboom has spent more than 20 years cataloging the ways that globalized culture manifests through apparel. Since the early 1990s, Eijkelboom has surreptitiously photographed pedestrians in urban settings, for no longer than two hours in each location. The resulting image grids reveal not only the way styles fluctuate over time (remember flannels?) but also the broader assimilation of street fashion into a kind of homogenized transnational monoculture. In short, the unhindered flow of global commerce has left us all wearing the same thing. (Timeline)

Hans Eijkelboom’s Website | More photography on Art Ctrl Del

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