Wind of Okhotsk by Ying Yin

Ying Yin is a talented photographer, adventurer and artist currently based in Shanghai, China. Ying shoots a lot of architecture, travel and lifestyle photography. Yin shot in the city of Abashiri, a city located in the Okhotsk subprefecture of Hokkaido, Japan characterized by it’s heavy snow during wintertime.

There is a limited train named “Okhotsk-no-Kaze (Wind of Okhotsk)” in Japan during every winter, which run across the land of Hokkaido. My trip was along this way, started from Sapporo and at last got Abashiri, the city located on the coast of the Okhotsk Sea.

These photos show my feel of Hokkaido’s heavy snow. silence, loneliness, time was frozen, and the snow made the city like a watercolor. (Via Photogrist)

Ying Yin on Behance

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