Self-Portraits by Marwane Pallas

Marwane Pallas | I’m a French photographer living and working in London and whose body of work mostly consists his body. Rather than fixating on the clothing or obsessing over the figure, the French fashion photographer Marwane Pallas places a special emphasis on the external objects within the frame. Props within the scene that would normally serve a supporting role are given equivalent degrees of attention to the standard “centerspieces” of the fashion photos.

One of Pallas’ signature methods of redirecting the viewer’s attention is simple: place an object in the center of the frame. Ripe grapefruit slices, heads of red cabbage, and coat buttons steal the composition, sometimes placed within the actual photographed scenes and in other moments superimposed on top of the already shot photograph. This approach causes all other details within the image to be considered in context with the central object, forcing a harmony (or intentional disharmony) to occur. (Vice)

Marwane Pallas’ Website and His Instagram | More photography on Art Ctrl Del

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