Denis Cherim Photography

My powerful desire to observe and feel the world and nature has led to me discovering my passion: capturing the essence of spontaneity and coincidence. Being divided between Madrid and London, I enjoy spending my time wandering and exploring the surroundings as much as possible.

As I was growing up, I was fortunate enough to travel to many countries and learn about diverse cultures. That has helped me discover a new dimension of visual understanding, while acquiring a taste for the depth hidden in what seems to be meaningless.

Photography has now become the tool I use to capture and seal those unscripted, unspoken and in-between moments.

Eight years ago, I have been given the opportunity to capture the personality, the raw emotions of and the connections between wonderful people in weddings all over Spain. Then, the United Kingdom, France, Romania and Bulgaria followed.

Whenever I travel across a city, a forest, a river, or a simple parking lot, I find that a common everyday moment can suddenly transform in a captivating situation. Combinations of geometry, textures, reflections will all intertwine to create out of the ordinary, delightful centre pieces.
















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