Star Wars in Real Life by Laurent Pons

Born in 1969 in Nevers, Laurent Pons is a French artist who defines himself as a “Photographist”.

Fallen into the world of photography as a teenager, the Photo makes today an integral part of his job.

“As far back as I can remember, I always had a camera on hand. It took more than fifteen years to realize that I could do my job. ”
Graphic designer by training, Laurent Pons has been working for more than 25 years for the 7th art. He designs including cinema posters, theater posters, album covers …
“I finally linked my passion for photography to my job as a graphic designer, thanks to Photoshop, which has become my favorite tool. ”

Today as a true addict of Star Wars, he lives this universe everyday.
“Like a lot of people of my generation, I wanted to introduce my child to this passion about ten years ago. I started offering my son Star Wars ships and we played together to repaint them, trying to reproduce this famous patina, so characteristic of the world of the first trilogy. I then staged and photographed the models of my son according to the situations, my travels and especially in Paris. With the help of my friend Photoshop, I then created original images without trying to respect the cinematographic context of the staged subjects ”

Thanks to his passion and his talent, Laurent Pons knew how to transport the famous Trilogy through universes close to our dailies to blend in a certain reality.
















Laurent Pons’ Website

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