Brilliant Digital Art by Monica Carvalho

My name is Monica Carvalho and I love creating photomanipulations to confuse your brain.

Coming up with impossible ‘scenes’ to give people a double take has been my passion for the past 5 years. All my edits are produced on Photoshop, using my own photographs (no stock images).

In my inspiration process, I try to find similarities between photos in terms of colour, texture and shape. For example, two mountain peaks I shot in Greece reminded me of an upper lip; a path in Oxford had the same colour as my skin; a pouch zip evoked eyelashes.

Other times I also like playing with sizes – my miniature friends ‘buried’ in my hand; the Empire State Building turned into a giant candle.

The titles of my artworks tend to be either puns, or weird/ unrelated words to puzzle people even more.

I hope you enjoy my crazy works!

Monica Carvalho is a photographer who is living her dreams through her creative works. Born in the French part of Switzerland to Portuguese parents, Monica’s love for art has always been a part of her innermost being. She is currently based in Berlin where she lives with her longtime boyfriend whom she met whilst studying and living in the UK.

Carvalho, is as interesting as her creative images; she speaks four languages and holds two degrees. Her photomontages are evidence of a brilliant and uniquely minded individual, who derives immense pleasure in creating her photographic artwork. There is so much that could be said about her works, however, it is her creative process used in producing her incredibly diverse and mind boggling images that intrigues us all. (Minus37)

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Monica Carvalho previously on Art Ctrl Del

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