Awesome Photomanipulations by Monica Carvalho

My name is Monica Carvalho and I love creating photomanipulations to confuse your brain.

Coming up with impossible ‘scenes’ to give people a double take has been my passion for the past 5 years. All my edits are produced on Photoshop, using my own photographs (no stock images).

In my inspiration process, I try to find similarities between photos in terms of colour, texture and shape. For example, two mountain peaks I shot in Greece reminded me of an upper lip; a path in Oxford had the same colour as my skin; a pouch zip evoked eyelashes.

Other times I also like playing with sizes – my miniature friends ‘buried’ in my hand; the Empire State Building turned into a giant candle.

The titles of my artworks tend to be either puns, or weird/ unrelated words to puzzle people even more.

I hope you enjoy my crazy works!

Monica Carvalho on Instagram

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