Anatomic Sketches by WanJim Gim AKA Willeys Art

The human body has infinite colors to match the word ‘one microcosm’.

I was born in South Korea in 1981. After graduating from Animation Department, I have been working alone for a long time and started sharing my work since 2016. I mainly work on the human body, but focusing on the source connected with it. I am currently working in Seoul.

I’m interested in expressing body temperature and skin smell and am studying the relationship between color and energy (Qi) for my work… Currently I usually use oil pastel and colored pencils. They both have limited colors, so I need to overlap them to produce a color that I like. Even if I can’t express the color that I intend to make, I am satisfied with the exceptional effect coming from the imperfectness. (Via Trending All Day)


















WanJim Gim on Instagram and his Website

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