Mama Does Not Like the Camera by Mikael Theimer

One doesn’t always have change to spare, but when someone reaches their hand out, the least anyone can give, is a smile.

This is how all the interactions I have with people panhandling start. With a smile. And a genuine “Hi. How are you?”

I’ve had amazing conversations with people on the streets, I’ve learned things about history and geography; I’ve learned about cultures I’m not from; about our society, about literature, art, and philosophy. I’ve laughed, and I’ve cried; I’ve both felt joy and anger; hope, and despair.

To me, these are so much more than pictures, or even portraits. They are memories; recollections of encounters that shaped me into the person I am today. I’ve grown more as a human being by speaking with all these people than by listening to all of the teachers who’s class I attended during my education.

And I’m sharing them here today for I hope they’ll make you want to stop, listen, and grow with these people too.















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