Seascape Photography by Warren Keelan

“Hello. My name is Warren Keelan, I am a seascape and ocean photographer living on the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia.
I spend most of my days alongside or within the ocean, interpreting what I see through the medium of digital photography.

I’ve always had a fascination with nature, especially the ocean and its ever changing forms, and I am compelled to capture and share what I feel are special and unique moments in the sea. I love the raw, unpredictable nature of water in motion and the way sunlight brings it all to life, from both above and below the surface. For me, the challenge is creating an image that hopefully tells a story or leaves an impression on the viewer.

In 2013 I opened my first photo gallery in Wollongong where I am extremely privileged to be able to showcase and sell my printed works to both local and international clients.”

Warren Keelan is a multi-international award winning seascape and ocean photographer based in the Illawarra South Coast region of NSW, Australia. His images have been awarded highly in the prestigious photographic competitions: International Landscape Photographer of the Year, International Photo Awards, International Monochrome Awards, Epson International Pano, Siena International & International Loupe Awards and has received local and international recognition via TV, radio & newspapers.













Warren Keelan’s Website

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