Illustrations by Gudim

Moscow-based illustrator Gudim Anton creates short panelled comic strips full of visual puns and odd quirks, all with a fresh perspective on the world. Drawing in vector graphics, Gudim’s style is neat, contained and full of pleasing pastel hues. Aiming to “show a different look at everyday things”, Gudim gets his ideas from his surroundings and from what he sees on the internet and social media.

Coming up with those new ideas is the most challenging part of the illustrator’s process, and he adopts a methodical approach: “I make notes when I see things and then draw it up later,” he says. “It’s really important to me that the ideas I present are as simply communicated as possible. I don’t like long comics with lots of speech balloons.”

Gudim’s sparse style relies solely on his concise storytelling ability and he manages to convey familiar situations and images in a completely fresh and funny way sharing them on his growing Instagram channel. In his works we see a nose ring become a pin for a grenade, a chewing gum bubble with an attitude and a teabag that’s actually a plug in a cup of tea. “I enjoy that I can leave something after me and the fact I can speak to people in a really visual way,” Gudim says. (Via ItsNiceThat)

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