People Matching Artworks by Stefan Draschan

An Austrian photographer has put together a fascinating photo series of happy accidents.

Stefan Draschan spends a lot of time with his camera in museums in Europe. There, thanks to a lot of patience, he’s managed to capture a lot of images of other museum-goers — who inadvertently matched the paintings in front of them.

Each of his shots features a joint set of subjects: one, the artwork hanging on the wall, and two, the visitor viewing it, who happens to be dressed in such a way that they could be part of the painting.

Other times it’s as straightforward as a person’s hair blending in with the brushstrokes.

The people all seem completely unaware of the visually-pleasing scene they’ve set, as Draschan stands behind them to take the picture.

All that time in museums has also turned up other photo opportunities for Draschan. He also has a series called The Three Graces, which spotlights groups of three standing together, as well as a self-explanatory one called People Sleeping in Museums.

He keeps each series up-to-date with its own Tumblr page.

































































































Stefan Draschan’s Website and Tumblr

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